Sunday, August 1, 2010

3,232 Miles

Me n' my main squeeze Kesamyn blazed the trail from Bozeman MT, visited our friends Pamela and Suzanne in Spokane, then on to the Kings of Leon concert at the gorge in Washington where we hung with Brian and Shandel and their fine children. Then on to Seattle with Alex and Lucy who showed us the ropes in the city of rain (which was pleasantly sunny), then down the coast. We arrived at Sheep Ranch the strange bungalow of people living in a dream outside of Sacramento, and hung with Kesa's twin cousins, grandparents and other extended family, then the next day headed to LA. Went to Deesh and G's movie premier for the Wildest Dream and then the next day stayed with and visited our dear friend Sandy. The next night hit up the Santa Monica Pier with our new found friends Lauren and Jesy, and then the next morning headed back through Salt Lake to Bozeman with a stop at Dads for corn dogs and red bull. Grand ol adventure if you ask me.

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